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Flickr: Trip to San Francisco

A selection of my trip to San Francisco.

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Letsencrypt: nginx reverse proxy

SSL certificates is something lots of people might have wanted, but they rarely were willing to spend their money on it. Since a few days letsencrypt solves this problem. At least for those who run their own server. Letsencrypt comes with a different approach to certificate request and certificate require times, aiming for a more automated future.

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Composer: Use your own fork of a project

When you use composer to gather your dependecies, you might come into a situation where you need to require your fork of a project (until your contribution gets merged). Follow these simple steps to get it to work.

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Docker pdfgen

I recently upgraded my full local development environment from phpenv to docker. This allows me to mimic production environments much better and test installations with multiple instances of a single service. It also helps alot to test disater senarios where a service is no longer reachable.
In the process of cleaning my project folder I discovered a PDF generator service I often use to generate PDF documents from webpages. This looked like a greate time to convert this service to it's own docker image, allowing me to install the exact same service on my workstation and on production installations.

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CLI speedtest

Preforming speedtest can help you discover network problems. However this is not as simple as opening a website when you are on a cli only server. Thankfully a simple python script to perform this test.

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