Hi there. My name is Dries De Peuter and I live in Aarschot, Belgium. I love all things about technology (especially webbased). I try to get/make the best out of the web. Keeping a close eye on performance, ux, accessibility, ... I like to meet new people and solve new problems.


I'm interested in all web-related things. I like playing around with stuff like Symfony, Drupal, PHP and many others. A new word opened when I got the chance to build a webfarm at my current company. Here I learned about the do's and dont's about the web stack. I strongly believe in performance. Soliving this issue using load balancers, varnish, cdn's, redis, no-sql is my main focus at the moment.

Curriculum vitae

I put my curriculum vitae on the web (dutch) for everyone to see. You can view it or download as a pdf.

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