Hi there. My name is Dries De Peuter and I live in Begijnendijk. A small place in Belgium with excellent internet :-p.


I got my feet wet in programming when I attended highschool. Starting my own online party finder website called FeestAgenda. Why? because it didn’t exist. While working on this project I self thought most of what I needed. I was hooked, started reading books about software design and best practices. When my project increased in popularity I was forced to put more focus into scaling and security. Better learn the hard way I guess.

When I got my first job I was pretty green when it came to CMS building. After a while I got the hang of it and as every self respecting engineer, decided to write my own. Although I would never suggest running it in production. I did learn a lot and would suggest other in the field to the same.

When the company learned they had reached the limit of their inhouse CMS, I got the chance to redesign it from scratch. I took it on me to rebuild it, but this time depending on a battle tested core. Because of it’s very industry specific features. Using an existing one was not an option.

Once the project got delivered I trained the team to develop, maintain and extend the framework to the clients requirements and started focusing on getting the deployment of the whole thing in line.

And then it clicked. I patched together some scripts that would deploy the applications by the click of a button. However this quickly came to a halt when we noticed no single server was the same. So I got my feet wet in configuration management. This was great. We could deploy our sites to a staging environment, do some QA on it and release it to production.

By then I decided it was time for something new. So I found a new challenge and gave it all I got. At first joining the engineering team, but quickly noticed my previous knowledge in automation and configuration management could be of more use to the company. I then swapped over to the devops team.

This time the challenge was a bit bigger. What at the time was a microservice architecture with around 10 services was quickly growing to in numbers, different technologies where used and the company was in the middle of a big rewrite.

I started rebuilding the existing platform and started applying an infrastructure as code approach. First building AMI’s per service, adding horizontal scaling using autoscaling groups. And later running the services in kubernetes. The final result where around 60 services running in kubernetes at around the same hosting cost.

During these changes, to lower the learning curve and ease adoption of the changed workflows, I create an internal engineering toolkit that allowed anyone to quickly find what they needed.


As you may expect I’m fully into automation and infrastructure as code. I love to find the best solution that fits the needs, without causing mayhem. Finetuning internal workflows to make life easier for all. Aiming to get any workflow to CI/CD as close as possible.

Curriculum vitae

If you want more info, checkout my LinkedIn profile.