Running your own virtual servers on Mac OSX

February 23, 2015

As you might already know, I like to experiment with lots of servers. As I don’t have the cash or the resources to make a physical machine for all of them. As most people I run Virtual Machines and use VirtualBox to achieve this.

What I don’t like is that standard they all run graphically. This can be prevented so you don’t even know they are running.

Use this to start a VM from terminal:

$ VBoxManager startvm [vmname] --type headless

Stop the VM using:

$ VBoxManager controllvm [vmname] acpipowerbutton

It gets even easier when you create a desktop launcher that starts/quits your default VMs.

$ vim ~/Desktop/startVMs.command

VBoxManager startvm [vmname] --type headless &
VBoxManager startvm [other vmname] --type headless 

When I discover how to make them start at boot, I will add a new post explaining this. Hinst are always welcome.

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