These are some of my open-source projects. My other projects can be found on my github profile.


RoboLearnr is simple to use tool to enable beginners to start programming.

Is is a all-in-one tool written in Go to render maps and allow a car to move using some basic instructions through an api. To simplify getting strarted some sdk’s are provided in different languages.



SSH wrapper for aws to make your life easier. It allows you to search and ssh to your ec2 instances from your cli.



Cron is a PHP library that enables you to have only one general crontab entry that will trigger several different cronjobs that can be defined through this library. The Cron library will decide if the job needs to run or not.



A symfony based CMS aimed at simplicity. Clastic provides a easy to use backoffice for your project, this way you don’t need to make it.

Github Website


Notifier acts as a notification center. Recipients will only receive the messages they signed up for.


Update My Password

A simple website that makes it easier for users to update their passwords. The project aims on the simplicity of contributing new links.

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