SRE feb 2016 - present

Transforming both infrastructure and deployement to an automated and repeatable approach. Project transformation and standardization. Full microservice migration from ec2/asg to kubernetes.


Technical Coach sept 2013 - feb 2016

In januari 2015 SAGA Consulting Group fused with Tobius and became Tobania. I coach a team of PHP developers in development, design decisions, code reviews. I try to simplify and streamline development processes across teams using different technologies.


IT Consultant oct 2010 - sept 2013

In august 2010 I started at anaXis. anaXis is a company based in Hasselt that developes websites for e-business, e-government, webapplications, geo-systems and online communication. Most of these developed in Drupal/ PHP/ .NET. I develop sites in Drupal and eGo (an inhouse CMS) and I have setup a Linux (Debian) based webfarm.


Administrator feb 2006 - oct 2011

In 2006 I started developing my first (read usefull) website intended to map out the parties/ concerts in the area of my hometown Aarschot. A few weeks after the launch, I got messages to increase the speed of the site and so I did. After a while I added friend request, contests, bookings and some other features. Sadly, after a few years and the rising popularity of facebook, the site got less and less visits and people stopped adding new events. So I decided to take down the site.